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CLINIC SCHEDULE: Clinics start June 15 - August 24th. Monday through Friday. Morning session is 8am-12pm and afternoon session is 1pm-5pm. Saturday 10am to 4pm.

Choose Your Date: June 17-21 -- June 23-28 -- July 8-12 -- July 15-19 -- July 22-26 -- July 22- Aug 2 -- Aug 5-9 -- Aug 12-16 -- Aug 19-23 -- Aug 26-30

All sessions are a maximum of 6 athletes per session. All athletes will be reviewed and placed accordingly to maximize their learning potential at the Neutrility Surf Academy.

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California’s First Integrated Surf Academy by Adam Knox
Former Professional Surfer

Neutrility Surf Academy was developed for surfers by professional surfers. Our team uses very specific skills to help athletes achieve their goals around the globe. As we know every athlete is different, so we build case studies for each individual. Neutrility has developed a tailor made program that more often than not accelerates the learning curve. Our athletes are involved in local competitions, professional competitions, sponsorship deals, national events and some are recognized as the best in the World for there age. Our job at Neutrility Surf Academy is to be one stop shop, designed for surfers to maximize their overall performance and navigate your potential career in surfing.

Neutrility Surf Academy

This Ain’t No Daycare
Surf Coaching — Surf Specific Workouts — Carver Skateboard Training  — Video Analysis — Heat Strategy


Surf Coaching

Our head coach and founder of Neutrility Adam Knox has created a unique integrated program that is unparalled to any others. Each athlete is individually evaluated and will be coached based on their specific needs. Our academy has every tool needed to coach our athletes mentally, physically and technically. We teach from experience, passion, knowledge and we know what works!


Surf Specific Workouts

Surf Specific workouts focus on improving core strength, balance, explosive training, hip rotation, conditioning, stability, injury prevention and more. These workouts provide everything we need as athletes to excel as surfers. These workouts take place inside the Neutrility Gym Facility.


Carver Skateboard Training

Neutrility is the first Surf Academy to partner with Carver Skateboards and integrate them into our program. Carver boards are the closest thing to surfing on land. They allow us to drill maneuvers such as, bottom turns, snaps, cut backs and round houses. Practicing this on land has been one of our top resources for progression in our surfers. All of our participants will receive a discount on Carver Skateboards so they can practice at home.


Video Analysis

During our surf academy we will be filming in 1080p to document our athletes and to review them with a trained eye. Our Neutrility coaches will be critiquing each surfers approach to the wave stylistically and technically. We will be breaking down every movement throughout each maneuver on a wave pointing out there strengths and weaknesses. This visual tool makes their weaknesses strong and there strengths even stronger. All of our surf footage will be given to each athlete to take home as a gift from Neutrility.


Heat Strategies

We run mock heats that mirror a real Surf contest. The heats are timed, judged and critiqued. We go over wave selection, positioning in the water, contest rules, nutrition and how to manage negative space in between heats to achieve maximum results throughout a competition.

About Adam Knox

Head Coach

Head Coach/Founder of Neutrility

NEUTRILITY CO owner and head surf coach. Adam is a former professional surfer of 12 years from Carlsbad California. After his surfing career he has devoted his life to helping the top amateurs and pros pinpoint whats missing in there game. He supplies them with the tools and solution. Adam went to the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute for corrective holistic exercise kinesiology and this helps immensely when it comes to biomechanics and seeking out muscle skeletal problems that can be hindering an athletes potential. All around Adam loves to get results!


Courtney Ragland

Courtney Ragland is a Carlsbad native who has always lived an active lifestyle. She grew up playing soccer and tennis and attended Carlsbad High School. She graduated from Southwestern University in Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and minor in Exercise and Sports Studies. She is a personal trainer at Neutrility and an assistant coach at the Neutrility Surf Academy.


Patrick Germon

Patrick Germon has extensive business experience running mortgage and real estate companies for the past 14 years in San Diego. Prior to launching his real estate career and moving back to San Diego. He was in tech sales and exceeded sales quotes for 8 consecutive years. Patrick is actively involved in youth sports focusing on coaching, recruiting and holding board or administrative positions for some of the top leagues and clubs in San Diego’s North County. Patrick’s experience in both sports and business is what helps Neutrility run as a business with the focus of executing the Neutrility motto, Art of Elite.


Courtney Nanson

Courtney Nanson is an entrepreneur who owns, manages and built her own business starting at 25 years old. She works with an elite clientele and has created long term relationships with brands, social media influencers and people throughout the action sports industry. Implementing all of her business resources into Neutrility offers endless opportunities to our company and our athletes. She enjoys the challenge of growing a business and is responsible for Neutrility’s in house marketing strategies, sponsorship deals, brand collaborations, press and media management and athlete relationships.



Neutrility Surf Academy Mascot. His calming sensibility and good looks guarantees a smile from everybody.


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